Delivering late-term babies into toilets isn't unique to Kermit Gosnell's filthy operation. In fact, it's fairly common in both legal and illegal late abortion practice. I'll provide some examples, coming back later to pretty up the formatting.

Covenant News Wire Service: 'Enforcer' testifies on slave ring's forced abortions

NEWARK -- A Honduran woman pleaded guilty to being an "enforcer" in a slave labor ring that smuggled girls as young as 14 into the country and used threats of violence to force them to work in North Hudson bars.

.... Rosales Martinez cried as she recalled how the women were forced to take abortion-inducing pills so they could continue working.

Despite the pills, Rosales Martinez said, a 21-year-old woman gave birth to a live baby in a toilet bowl.

"Angele" saw her baby, Rowan, drown when he was born into an abortion clinic toilet in Florida.

A bittersweet anniversary. Happy birthday, Ximena.

At 3:20 a.m. on December 17, 1985, 22-year-old Nadine Bourne gave birth to her baby while seated on a toilet at Vancouver General Hospital. The little girl weighed about three pounds -- consistent with an infant of 30 or 31 weeks gestation, well into the third trimester. The trouble was, Nadine had been admitted to Vancouver General Hospital the day before to be treated for fever and rapid pulse after an abortion she'd undergone four days earlier at a Bellingham, Washington Planned Parenthood.

I left my dead baby in a //toilet// at George //Tiller's// | Jonular News

I left my dead baby in a toilet at George Tiller'sBill O'Reilly segment of a 14 year old girl that had a late term abortion at George Tiller 's clinic. NOTE: This was the routine at Tiller's mill. "Ensure fetal demise" on day one with a lethal injection into the baby's heart, repeated changes of laminaria for dilation, then when it's time to push, do it on the oilet.