I am using the Grand Jury Report on the crimes of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell as the basis of this Wiki. I will add material to support my contention that though Gosnell is beyond the pale, this is mainly in the way he combined and refined aspects of the ghoulish and callous disregard for humanity often seen in abortionists. He was hardly a pioneer.

In order to distinguish between my own writings, and those of the Grand Jury, I will use a different font that makes the Grand Jury Report appear to be typed.

Source: Women: Pa. abortions left us sterile, near death

Marie Smith, age 20, went to Gosnell's facility for an abortion. Her mother, Johnnie Mae Smith, was waiting for her, but went looking for her when she didn't come out of recovery on time. What she saw was "Nasty and dirty, filthy."

Days later, Marie's abdomen began swelling, and she began vomiting "green stuff." Johnnie Mae called Gosnell, demanding to know, "What did you do to my daughter? ... My daughter's about to die." Gosnell instructed Johnnie Mae to take her daughter to the hospital, which she did. Doctors rushed the by-then-unconscious Marie into surgery, where the removed retained fetal parts that were causing an infection that could have turned fatal.

Gosnell "turned up at the hospital with his checkbook, aiming to settle immediately, the mother said." Marie declined, sued -- and ended up with $3,000 left, after legal fees, from her $5,000 settlement.

Gosnell should have sent another patient, Marie Smith, to the hospital when he was unable to remove the entire fetus during her abortion in November 1999. But again, he just kept the patient waiting, sedated and bleeding in the recovery room while he proceeded with other patients. Again, it was an insistent relative – Marie’s mother – who found her. In Marie Smith’s case, Gosnell did not tell her that he had left parts of the fetus inside her uterus. (Doctors are required to inspect the extracted tissue to ensure they have removed it all.)

Instead, Gosnell allowed Marie Smith to go home. When her mother called days later to report that Marie’s condition had worsened, he assured her that Marie would be fine. Fortunately, the mother ignored Gosnell’s assurances and took her daughter to the emergency room. When they arrived at Presbyterian Hospital, Marie was unconscious. Doctors found that Gosnell had left fetal parts inside her and that she had a severe infection. They told her she was lucky to be alive.

Pennsylvania law requires doctors to report any abortion complications they treat. Yet this was consistently left undone.

Yet, when Karnamaya Mongar died at HUP nine years later, no report was made. Nor did the Grand Jury receive evidence of reports made, other than in Shaw’s case, for any of the serious complications that other patients of Gosnell suffered. Dana Haynes went straight to the HUP emergency room from Gosnell’s clinic with a perforated cervix and bowel and most of a fetus still in her uterus. She required surgery and was hospitalized for five days. Another 19-year-old patient of Gosnell’s had a hysterectomy performed at HUP after Gosnell perforated her uterus. And Marie Smith arrived at Presbyterian Hospital, unconscious, with fetal remains still inside her.