Susan Mitchell with Elizabeth Stein conducted the 1989 Department of Health evaluation ("site review") of Gosnell's clinic. Despite numerous violations of Pennsylvania abortion regulations (including no nurses caring for recovering patients, and missing lab work in several files), the site reviewers recommended approval of the clinic for the next 12 months, based on promises to correct the faults.

She with Georgette Freed-Wolf conducted another inspection (which was also the last site review) in April, 1993. Multiple problems were recorded (including some that had existed since 1989 and through another team's 1992 inspection), yet in July, 1993, without a follow-up inspection, Susan Mitchell recorded that the deficiencies had been corrected.

Mitchell was also part of the team that searched the Women's Medical Society in Feb. 2010.

(See p. 140-142 of the Grand Jury Report for full details.)