I'll be working on this page in upcoming days. I'll start with an edited blog post and tweak it as it applies to the Gosnell case.

This is a topic I've blogged a lot about, so for your convenience I'll pull together a retrospective of those posts. I'll also bring in posts about Tiller. They're grouped by topic, with posts in multiple categories if they fit in more than one.

There are three major categories of third trimester abortions -- accidental, criminal, and quasi-legal.

Accidental third-trimester abortions take place when the doctor misdiagnosed gestational age and aborted a third-trimester baby, thinking it was younger.

Criminal third-trimester abortions, such as the ones Kermit Gosnell perpetrated, are performed in brazen violation of the law.

Quasi-legal third trimester abortions technically ought to be illegal, but because of the wording of Roe vs. Wade and its companion decision, Doe vs. Bolton, it's virtually impossible to ban abortions even in the third trimester. Roe and Doe require a legal loophole for "health." Thus, an abortionist who wishes to be known for performing third-trimester abortions (so as to attract a clientele) goes through the motions of justifying it legally. But since there is no legitimate reason to perform an abortion rather than deliver a live baby, the legality of these abortions is, by definition, a fiction. These were the type of abortions George Tiller was perpetrating at his infamous late-term abortion mill in Kansas.

Accidental third-trimester abortions

GEORGE TILLER (The best know practitioner of "legal" third trimester abortions):